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Team Captains...

The details...

Entry fee:  $225 / team

Entry deadline:  Saturday, June 4th, at 9 p.m. FIRM DEADLINE

Please send any questions to

Looking for a team?  Fill out this simple form and you will be on the Fun In The Sun Free Agent List!  Call 509.248.2938 and leave name, rating and cell phone number.  We will let you know if we have a team for you by Monday, May 30 at Noon.

Matches:  A match consists of five regular scored sets and includes men's singles and doubles, women's singles and doubles, and one set of mixed doubles. Mixed doubles is always played last.  A set tie-break is played at 6-6 and will count as 1 game towards the total score. Should the team that is behind in total games win the mixed doubles set, play will be continued until they either lose 1 game or tie the score of total games.  Should a tie score occur a 10-point match tiebreak will decide the Match.  Unlike WTT, we play regular scoring and let serves will not be played.  We do allow a quick 5 minute warm up before each new set is played. Players should spin a racquet to decide serve, side etc. before each set.

Substitutions:  Are permitted at any time; however, once you have substituted a player out, they may not return for that set set. (i.e. if I am pulled from singles midway through, I may not return later in the singles set; however I may play in the gender or mixed doubles)

Coaching:  Coaching is permitted and we will use NCAA D1 coaching rules which allow for 1 coach from each team to be 6' or more from the sidelines and may roam from service line to service line.  Changeovers will be 90 seconds and coaching is allowed at the bench also.

Cheering:  YES PLEASE!  Let's stay respectfully quiet during points, but cheering is encouraged in between points.

Recommended number of players per team:  6 or more to make sure you have the ability to cover all matches, substitutions and fresh legs & fun factors!

On-site food:  Our Courtside Café offers many choices of food and beverage and YTC sincerely appreciates your support of the café. In order to keep the cost of the tournament the same, we will not have a tournament dinner. Keep your eyes open for some café specials though! 

Important: Alcohol purchased off the premises is not allowed. Thank you for complying.

Parking notes:  We welcome RV's at the parking lot located adjacent to our Upper Courts by reservation only.  Please call 509.248.2938 to reserve a space.  Spaces are limited.  RV's are not permitted in our main lot or on 35th Avenue.  Thank you!

Warm up courts:  Our courts are available at no charge for teams who would like to warm up Friday afternoon.  Simply check in at the tournament desk or at the Cafe and we will help you locate a court if available. Please be sensitive to club members who have reserved courts when they arrive.  Thank you!

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