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From Fire to Finish

Good morning from the exceptionally beautiful office at the Yakima Tennis Club’s exquisite outdoor facility. As I reflect upon the past year, I am overwhelmed by the sheer determination, effort and talent that has been poured into rebuilding our club house. The love and care that has gone into every square foot is inspiring. We look forward to thanking the entire membership at Wednesday evening's Open House and Champagne Toast. Let's celebrate this new chapter!

Event: Open House and Champagne Toast

Address: 516 North 35th Avenue

Date: Wednesday, May 27

Time: Door open at 5 p.m.; Brief presentation 6:30ish followed by toast

AnnElise was right when she came up with the headline, From Fire to Finish Line! We've come a long way in a year. Fire during and after images by Dianne LaBissoniere. Clubhouse photo from the archives.

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